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The Australian Union of Students was started in 1993 by students who were concerned about the rigged student elections at the leading Australian universities. It became apparent that the only way that mainstream students would gain control of a student association was by setting up one themselves. Eventually they applied to have the Australian Union of Students registered as a trade union.

One of the main functions of the A.U.S. is to campaign for better pay and conditions for students. For example, the Union made a written submission to the former Rudd Government’s Inquiry into Higher Education Funding. This argued that studying was essential to the economy, should be treated the same as any other form of work, and should be paid accordingly. A compelling case was made for all university courses to be structured as apprenticeships, to end the massive waste of taxpayers’ money on pointless courses. The Union also made a case for students to be given a “twelve week paid overseas trip” as part of their course.

The Australian Union of Students is not limited to representing university students, but represents TAFE students, and Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 school students. Students from a mainstream background can join the Australian Union of Students by filling in the membership form on the World Wide Web. The Union intends eventually to have a branch at every Australian high school, university, and TAFE college. A branch of the A.U.S. would run services such as cafetarias and organise all the sports. This aspect of the Union’s activities will have to wait until it is able to increase its funding.

The other function of the Union is in providing information to students to assist in their forming their political and social views. Students come to university with an open mind, hoping that there are people there who are better informed than their parents and school teachers. Their expectations are disappointed when they are told that communism and gay rights are the answers. The A.U.S. has been one of the few student associations in Australia whose constitution bans it from promoting gay rights, or for that matter, bed-wetting or any other “bad habit”.

One of the causes which the A.U.S. promotes is genetic engineering. When most of us were born, if anyone got cancer they probably ended up dying. Now, because of medical research, if people get cancer they will probably survive. Similarly, at present, the most that we can expect to live for is another 60 years. But, because of research into genetic engineering, before this 60 years is up, the life expectancy will increase by another 70 years! This is why we are keen for governments in wealthy countries to spend 10% of Gross Domestic Product on medical research.

Another of the Union’s pet causes is the eradication of “political correctness”. This is a set of political policies being promoted by various pressure groups that the Catholic Church has set up. The Catholic Church claims to support Protestant values, such as opposing abortion and gay rights, but actions speak louder than words. The Union’s Catholic Church page considers the evidence that the Catholic Church is behind “political correctness”.

Most people see the Catholic Church as being like the Anglican Church or the Uniting Church. What makes the Catholic Church different is the syllabus at Catholic schools. According to government statistics, one in every five Australian school children attend a Catholic school. At these schools, students are taught to hold opinions which are the opposite of those held by mainstream Australians.

The Catholic Church through its schools has created a social problem similar to that in Fiji. In Fiji, half of the population is Fijian, and the other half is Indian. In Australia, two-thirds of the population is mainstream, and one-third of the population is Catholic. Where Australia differs from Fiji is that Fijians and Indians have similar values, while mainstream Australians and Catholics have incompatible values.

At one time, there were hardly any Catholics in the Liberal and National Parties. People who supported Catholic values voted for Labor, and people who supported traditional values voted for Liberal or National. Since the Catholics were in a minority, they lost. Then some Catholics said they supported traditional values, and joined the Liberal and National Parties. Once they had joined the Liberal and National Parties, they gained control of key positions and changed the policies of these parties to support Catholic values. As a result, if people vote for Labor they get “political correctness”, and if they vote for Liberal and National they also get “political correctness”.

Catholics claim to be against the mindless sorts of things that happen in Northern Ireland. What their “politically correct” policies amount to however is “ethnic cleansing” of mainstream culture. Unemployment, for example, is not an accident, but a deliberate attempt to redistribute wealth to third-world countries. The Catholics are plundering countries like Australia, the United States, and Britain in the same way that the Soviet Union plundered Eastern European countries. Australia’s wealth belongs to mainstream Australians, and is not the Catholic Church’s to redistribute to the Timorese or the Aborigines.

In the Second World War, when France was occupied by the Germans, the French public supported the German occupation. The French media was controlled by the Germans, and made out that the German occupation was permanent, unavoidable, and even desirable. Only a handful of people supported the French Resistance. Similarly in Australia the Catholic media magnates turn out lies such as that “91% of Australians want a republic”, and create the impression that “political correctness” is inevitable. The reality is that Australia is under oppressive occupation by the Catholic minority.

The Australian Union of Students started by opposing the situation where student associations were controlled by Catholic students who supported communism and gay rights. The Union has since become a resistance movement against the Catholic regime. On the Union’s resistance page, there are steps that Australians can take to oust the Catholics from power, such as by boycotting politicians who have attended Catholic schools, no matter how ultra-conservative they sound.

The A.U.S. is not just a negative sort of movement that opposes Catholic policies such as prisoners’ rights, gay rights, animal rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, Aboriginal rights, and other alleged rights. The Union also has a positive political programme. The Union rejects Catholic notions of civil liberties and democracy, which have been portrayed by the media magnates as the basis of western civilisation. In actual fact most people did not believe in civil liberty and democracy before the 1960s.

Australia has always been an oligarchic country. The Liberal Party was controlled by an oligarchy, businesses were run as oligarchies or dictatorships, and families were run as oligarchies. The Catholics don't even believe in democracy themselves, since they are against having a referendum on the death penalty or gay rights. They are promoting democracy throughout the world to create situations as in Australia where, whichever party gets elected, it is run by Catholics.

The Union’s oligarchy page looks at why oligarchy is a better system of government than democracy, and how an oligarchy works. An oligarchy needs to have a ruling elite consisting of about 1 in every 400 people. In Australia this would correspond to 45,000 people running the country, which would hardly be a dictatorship. The Union looks at the example of the Republic of Venice, the most successful government in the history of the world, and the place where freemasonry originated. The political party page indicates how Australia could progress to an oligarchy, starting with the Liberal and National Party expelling Catholic infiltrators.

As well as supporting genetic engineering, and opposing “political correctness”, the Australian Union of Students supports Christianity, but an entirely different conception of Christianity to that advocated by the Anglican Church and the Uniting Church. These churches emphasise “turning the other cheek” and “being good losers”. The Union on its Christianity Page looks at whether God exists, whether Christianity is a superstition or a confidence trick, and whether there is any basis for the main proposition of Christianity that the dead can be brought back to life again.

On its Orthodox Church Page, the Union explains why the only credible church is the Orthodox Church, and how Australia can become an Orthodox country. The Union proposes that the Australian Government amalgamate all the churches including the Catholic Church and Anglican Church to form an Orthodox Church of Australia. This will have the ceremonies of the Anglican Church and the theological teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church. It will be the only Christian church allowed to operate in Australia. The other religions of antiquity such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism will be allowed. Other religions such as Falun Gong and Scientology will be banned as they are in many countries.

The above pages are all about what society should be doing as a whole. The A.U.S. advice page is about what students should be doing as individuals to ensure they have a happy and prosperous time. It is intended to avoid people wishing they had been warned about certain pitfalls in life when they were in a position to avoid them. Basically the advice is to adhere to traditional values even if the reasons for the values are not apparent, and to get a credential or piece of paper which allows you to automatically get a job, before you do whatever it is that you want to do in life.